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When surfing the Internet you see in your Web Browser the address of the different Websites on the Interent. If you look at the address bar you will see "https://rshweb.org". This is the "Domain Name" of this website. The web browser and technology behind it shows you a nice name to remember instead of a bunch of numbers that make no sense to us. If you have any questions or comments please contact us at the bottom of this page

What is a Domain Name?

In simple terms a domain name is a human friendly address of a specific IP address that your web browser uses to find a website. It is a unique identifier for a Website and or a email account

What is an IP address?

An IP address is the unique identifying numbers given to every computer, machine, website mobile phone, gaming console, or anything else connected to the Internet. An IP address is made up of numbers separated by period. For an example is Goggle's IP numbers. The IP address acts somewhat like a telephone number. It allows that machine to be located by other machines

Is a Domain Name the Same as a IP Address?

While the domain name and IP address are unique identifiers. They are not exactly the same thing. The domain name is simply a more human friendly pointer to help people find a web sites, email address, or anything else associated with Domains. An IP address is the true identifier of that Website or computer that is connected to the WWW. For us trying to remember a IP address for just one website would be difficult. This is where Domains come in, we can remember names so much easier

How it Works

When you type in a Domain Name in your web browser. Your browser searches multiple data bases called Domain Name Servers (DNS) matching the Domain Name to an IP address. The IP address tells your browser which web server "hosts" that website. Your browser then connects to the web server and requests a copy of the website

Do I need a Domain for a Website?

In order for your website to be found on the Internet. It will need to be found in the Domain Name Servers data bases and then connected to the Internet. The only way for this to happen is to have IP numbers assigned to a unique domain name. SO yes you will need a domain name for your website

The Domain Name Structure

Every Domain consists of at least two sections. The actual name and the Domain extension. For example, rshweb.com. The actual name is “rshweb” and the domain extension is “.com”. Most poeple think the "WWW" is part of a domain name. It is not, this is just a reference to the "World Wide Web".

Domain Name Extensions

The domain extension of .com is the most popular and familiar domain extension. But remember the ".com" is not the only one to be used. All Government Website uses the ".gov" extension
These sites uses the ".org" domain. WordPress.org, Mozilla.org, Wikipedia.org, PBS.org
If the domain name you want is no longer available in the .com extension why not try a different extension

What if I already own a Domain Name?

Having your own domain name means you are one step closer to having your own website. A good hosting provider will be able to help you point your domain name to the appropriate IP numbers on their Web Servers. Once this is done you will be ready to create new pages or upload your files if you already have them made. Or you may be looking for Designing Services to have some one else design your website

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